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Director's Note: April 16th

Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope you were able to enjoy the time off together; with the decline in COVID-19 rates and the loosened restrictions in our region, it is refreshing to feel the bustle of life again, what a contrast from the state that we were in last year at this time!
DN 413

Director's Note, February 16th

We hope you enjoyed a fulfilling long weekend with your children! We continue to marvel at your resilience and optimism, and thank you for. your continued commitment to your children.
D note Feb 16

Director's Note: January 25th

Dear Families: It's enrollment season, and we need your help spreading the word about our special school! There are a few things you can do to help us!
D. Note Jan 25

Director's Note: January 19th

Wow, what a start to 2021! We are grateful for your continued resilience and flexibility. The winds are howling today, and we hope you are all staying safe, though we recognize that many are without electricity today.
DNote 1

Director's Note: January 11th

Dear Families: I want to begin by again thanking you for your patience and flexibility with us as we continue to navigate the challenges that COVID requires us to respond to. Sometimes information comes to us late, and we need to make decisions that impact you at the last minute. We so appreciate your resiliency through these processes.
Director's Note

Director's Note, January 4th

I want to begin by thanking you for your continued engagement and support. The first few weeks of re-opening were a huge success. Students and staff were happy to be back on site, and all were successfully adhering to new protocols for health and safety. We are truly thankful for all of our students, staff, teachers, and parents for being so willing to adapt and especially to our teachers and staff who made sacrifices to ensure that the transition back to school could be the success that it was
Director's Note January 4th

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the whole child using a combination of innovative curriculum and instruction along with social/emotional education embedded in the program. Students will be enabled to reach their innate intellectual, creative, and leadership potential through our commitment to nourish curiosity, compassion, independence, resourcefulness, and respect for diversity.