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Bridges Charter School Home

Hands on learning in kindergarten.

Hands on learning in kindergarten. 

Peace Bridges for Conflict Resolution in our outdoor classroom.

Our Peace Bridge for conflict resolution. 

Kindergarten teachers

Kindergarten teachers Ms. Tina and Ms. Carmen 

Bridges staff

Bridges Teachers and Staff :)

Chumash exhibit

An interactive experience for our students to learn about the local Chumash.

garden sprouts

Sprouts planted by students in our gardens. Students at Bridges have many opportunities to learn about organic gardening with our garden teacher, Ms. Marie. 

chalk drawing -- do great things here
Harvest festival

A parent volunteering at an interactive learning center about the country Brazil during our annual Harvest Festival; our theme for 2017-2018 was "Passport to Adventure".

Ocean mural

Ocean Mural painted by Bridges Students guided by our Art Teacher, Ms. Laura 

Fun with crafts

Each month we explore a different Social Emotional Learning theme. Ms. Marsi and her class are exploring decorations made by older students during the theme "Discovering our Feelings."

Reading outdoors

Every student at Bridges Charter School has or is a Big Buddy to another student. Pictured are two buddies reading together in our outdoor classroom.

Students listening to a story.

Director for the Day, LilyRose, reading to first grade students. 

Mr Jason

Middle School teacher, Mr. Jason, at our annual whole school luau hosted and organized by our middle school students.


Forth Grade teacher, Ms. Megan, created a project-based learning unit for her students centered around urban habitats and our local mountain lion, P-22. They attended the P-22 festival at Griffith Park, and this photo was taken the students' culminating assembly for the project.



Time: 1 PM – 2 PM
Feb 21


Time: 1 PM – 2 PM
Feb 28

Latest News

Director's Note, February 11th: School Calendar for 2020-21, 10 Year Gala, Valentine's Day, and More!

Greetings Bridges Charter School Families -- February is an exciting month at Bridges, as our upper grades have an opportunity to participate overnight field trips, there is much preparation and excitement! Our 4th and 5th graders are currently at Astro Camp, and our 6th graders are preparing for their monumental trip to Yosemite at the end of the month. We are excited to hear their stories when they return!  This month is also all about kindness at Bridges. Our Student Council and Student Senate is leading us through the Great Kindness Challenge:
walk through revolution

Director's Note: Charter Renewal Updates, Used Book Donations Needed, Middle School News, and More!

January is buzzing with so many activities. The school wide theme this month at Bridges has been Envisioning the Future You! We will culminate the month with a Spirit Day on January 31st with a door walk, and students are encouraged to “Dress Like Future You” on the 31st. If your child chooses to participate, please make sure students are still adhering to our Dress Code as outlined in our Family Handbook.
Ms. Norma Math

Happy Thanksgiving!

To our Amazing Bridges Family: As we take a moment to reflect on all of our blessings this year, our Bridges students and families are at the top of our list. The Bridges community is unlike any other, and no matter what or how you give to our school, we are so blessed to have you in our circle of people and to work aside your sparkling, inquisitive, and generous children every day...
happy thanksgiving

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the whole child using a combination of innovative curriculum and instruction along with social/emotional education embedded in the program. Students will be enabled to reach their innate intellectual, creative, and leadership potential through our commitment to nourish curiosity, compassion, independence, resourcefulness, and respect for diversity.