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Director's Note: School Safety, James and the Giant Peach, Underwear Drive, and More!

Good morning! We hope you had a refreshing four day weekend and were able to spend some special time with your children. The news from Florida last week has been heartbreaking, and our thoughts continue to be with the community of teachers, parents, and students who lost their colleagues, children, and friends. Our schools should be places of learning where every child feels safe. The fact that school shootings have become so commonplace is something that we should not stand for and that our children should not stand for either. We realize that as a school community, it is impossible to be entirely prepared for an event like the one that took place last week in Florida, but nonetheless, we take it on as our huge responsibility to ensure that your child is safe during the school day, and we recognize that there is a need for us to be constantly assessing our readiness for ensuring our children's safety in every circumstance. As such, we recognize that now may be a good time to let you know our process for evaluating our safety protocols. Every year, we form a safety committee comprised of teachers, administration, and parents who engage in the process of updating and refining our safety policies and procedures. The committee reviews current policies and rewrites procedures as necessary and works with local law enforcement and other public officials to ensure that our procedures are up to date. The committee's work is presented in our Safety Plan that is taken to our board to be approved. When the Safety Plan is approved, we then train our teachers and staff on the updated procedures. Many of our teachers, administrators, and staff have attended trainings specifically on preparing for school lock downs and protocols for active shooters and have brought this knowledge to our community. With this awareness, we practice active shooter drills at least several times a year, and our teachers are wonderful at ensuring that your children's questions are answered with age-appropriate dialogue. We assure you that we will continue to take all precautions and work diligently to ensure the safety of your children while they are here at school with us. We have a lighter four day week, but there are a lot of exciting things around the corner at Bridges -- please read on for more information!
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Director's Note: February 12: Math updates, PBL in action, Jan Brett Contest, Underwear Drive, and More!

Good morning Bridges Charter School Families! I cannot believe we are approaching the middle of February. The momentum toward the end of the year is already building. In fact, our Bridging Ceremony Committee has already begun planning for our year-end celebration. Please note that because our last day of school is a Friday this year, and because hosting our Bridging Ceremony in an evening would conflict with local school graduations, we have made the decision to have the Bridging Ceremony in the afternoon this year from 12pm-3pm on Thursday, June 7th. We understand that for many of our working parents, this is not the most convenient time, but we are hopeful that with the advance notice, working parents will still be able to join us. Please also note that for the last week of school, students will be released at 1:30 and on the last day of school (June 8), students will be released at 12:30. Don't forget -- there is no school this Friday and next Monday!
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Director's Note, February 5th: Middle School Science Fair Recap, Coffee Chat, New Parent Driver Field Trip Requirements, and More!

Good morning Bridges Charter School Families! Even though the groundhog saw his shadow, this weather is not making us feel like we are coming upon six more weeks of winter! Make sure that your children are wearing sun protection and be sure to send them with water, too. This week is already off to a great start; read on for more events happening at Bridges Charter School in the coming weeks!
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Director's Note, January 29th: 6th Grade for a Day, Middle School Science Fair, Intent to Re-Enroll, and More!

This is an exciting time to be a part of our community. We are finishing out the month of January, and as we do so many of our upper grade classes are preparing for extended field trips. These field trips are ones that the teachers consciously integrate into their curriculum so that student learning is extended into the field and out of the classroom. Field trips are an integral part of our curriculum from grades K-8; the opportunity to engage in so many field experiences outside of the classroom is just one more thing that makes Bridges Charter School unique. Our 4th Graders, for example, are planning a trip to The Ocean Institute where they will have the opportunity to relive the Gold Rush and experience what it would have been like to be living in The Great Horn Spoon, a novel they have read. The 7th graders are preparing for an overnight adventure to Catalina Island. Our 5th graders are also preparing for an overnight excursion in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains, and the 8th graders are beginning preparations for their landmark trip to Washington DC. Read on for more events happening at Bridges Charter School in the coming weeks!
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Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the whole child using a combination of innovative curriculum and instruction along with social/emotional education embedded in the program. Students will be enabled to reach their innate intellectual, creative, and leadership potential through our commitment to nourish curiosity, compassion, independence, resourcefulness, and respect for diversity.
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