Teacher Transition for 2019/2020

After a lot of reflection with Ms. Megan, Ms. Tori, and Ms. Cindy, we have made the decision to fill the position internally, and we are planning to move Ms. Heather (our full-time Intervention Teacher) to 2nd grade next year.
Ms. Heather has grown so much in our community these past couple of years. She loves our students, she contributes in hugely significant ways to our school, and she shares our whole child philosophy.
Although Ms. Tori's departure will leave a gap in our hearts and in our school, I am very confident that Ms. Heather's classroom management strategies, her philosophies for teaching and partnering with families, along with her lesson design are aligned with the type of teacher that we want to keep at Bridges.
Please continue reading for a note from Ms. Tori and a note from Ms. Heather. When you see them around campus, be sure to congratulate them or give them a hug. Your future 2nd graders are in good, loving hands 🤗
With confidence, gratitude, and love,
Dr. Kelly

Note from Ms. Tori:
To my Bridges family,
It is with sadness and excitement that I announce that it is time for me to part with my Bridges community. My family and I will be moving out of the area at the end of this school year.
In my 9 years here at Bridges each and every one of you have helped me grow not only as an educator but as a parent and a person. I couldn't be the educator I am today without your guidance and support along the way.
I truly believe that Bridges is an amazing school that helps students find their way to access academics while remembering that they are just children.
The compassionate educators here can never be replicated. Bridges is truly a community and I will miss seeing your smiling faces everyday.
We really are a family; we have laughed, cried, argued, traveled, celebrated new life and said goodbye to friends. When I walk the halls I am surrounded by love, from my first class of Kinders who are the current 8th graders all the way to the Kinders I missed out on this year.
There is no way to replace what I feel from this family.
Please remember to be kind, love hard, hug often and take care of each other!!!
With love and gratitude,
Ms. Tori

Note from Ms. Heather:
Hello Bridges Family,
I am Heather Newberry, current Intervention Specialist at Bridges. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with teachers to work with students in Kindergarten all the way through middle school on campus in the areas of reading and math. In my role as an intervention teacher I have grown as a lifelong learner and as an educator, and am so thankful to be at Bridges. I began my career as a Kindergarten teacher almost 20 years ago. I have also taught Transitional Kindergarten and first grades. Now, It is my privilege to take on a new role as second grade teacher during the 2019-20 school year, and I am thrilled to partner with Ms. Megan on this journey.
One of my absolute joys in life is to watch a child grow in confidence as a learner. I relish developing the relationship it takes to have with a student (and their family) for them to feel safe enough to make mistakes or learn and unlock their own potential. One of the many things that drew me to Bridges is the fact that relationships and community or--connections--are part of the foundational pillar for our Whole Child approach to learning.
Children are natural learners, curious about constructing an understanding of their environment and surroundings and I believe it is my obligation as a educator to foster that learning by providing intentionally planned, constructive learning opportunities, learning opportunities that will deepen foundational literacy skills and open new possibilities through student led inquiry.
I have found that an integral aspect to student success is for me to develop authentic relationships with the parents of my students. Developing a relationship with my student’s parents allows me to be partner with them and their child on the learning journey. The Bridges community offers a unique experience to Whole Child learning through intentional parent involvement in and outside of the classroom.
In 2nd grade, I will create a safe classroom environment that is balanced with established norms and expectations for how to work within our classroom society and our Bridges community. I look forward to integrating family support and collaboration for student growth and success in the upcoming school year and beyond!

Ms. Heather
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