Director's Note, October 2nd: Coffee with the Directors, Bridges Worm Farm, Homeschool Enrollment, and More!

Afternoon Coffee with the Directors 
Once a month, Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cindy host an informal discussion with parents to discuss your questions and concerns and share important topics that are happening at Bridges. We always start our discussions with a circle, and this month’s topic will be sharing our local dashboard indicators.

The California Dashboard is a website designed to be accessible to parents as a way to view the accountability of public school and compare how students are performing compared to other students statewide. Next Tuesday, Dr. Kelly will share more about how to read and interpret the local indicators for Bridges on our public Dashboard. If you haven’t checked out our Dashboard, you can view it here:

Questions are More Important than Answers!
A Bridges parent and local educator passed along this lovely video to me about an inquiry-based learning school in Brooklyn, saying that this school reminds her of Bridges, and I agree! Take note of how the students are actively engaged and how the teachers and administration talk about experiential learning. How do you see the following ideas happening in the video?!#.XY-PXkshvH4.mailto

Let us know by commenting below -- are any of these shared practices/philosophies ones that could be enhanced at Bridges?
  • Children have to have a voice to learn
  • Children need to construct their own knowledge
  • Children need to feel safe to learn, they need to ask questions
  • Children need to have comfort in taking risks
  • Children learn best through experiences rather than through textbooks or workbooks
  • Learning is always about exploration and discovery
  • Children learn best through play 
  • Learning should be scaffolded to allow for genuine inquiry
  • Children need realopportunities to discuss how they relate to the world and each other
  • Children need to create meaning in their own way 
  • All questions and theories are always accepted 

Bridges Worm Farm
Did you know that Bridges has its’ own worm farm that is cultivated by our fantastic garden teacher, Ms. Marie? Here are some photos of our first graders learning more about worms in gardening as they engage with their newly designed Community Gardening PBL unit. 

Popcorn Sales on Fridays!
Support our student council on Fridays after school by sticking around to purchase popcorn or popsicles and other snacks from our student leaders. If you wish to stay, mingle, and get out of your car on Friday afternoons, please find parking in the neighborhood!

Homeschool Enrollment Open!
With the exception of several site-based classes, our classrooms are full, but did you know that our Home School is always accepting students on a rolling basis? Our hybrid homeschool is a wonderful blend of classroom-based instruction through our enrichment classes on site, and at-home learning. We also have a home school TK program for little ones not ready for kindergarten. Our home school community is one of the strongest in the area, and families can participate in our school events including the upcoming harvest festival, some field trips, fundraisers such as the Casino Night and Silent Auction, etc. If you know families who might be interested, please contact our lead teacher, Jill Frazier to set up a tour!

We wish you a wonderful and safe week! πŸ’—

Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cindy

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