Director's Note, November 6th: Important November Events, Report Cards, Healthy Kids Survey Data, and more!

Conferences and Trimester Report Cards
Our teachers have been preparing tirelessly to prepare for the conferences with our families this week. We believe the time to connect with parents is one of the most essential components of educating the whole child, and we hope that you are finding these conferences to be helpful in your own processes of supporting your child at home academically, socially, and emotionally.

For grades K-5, the end of the trimester wraps up next Friday, November 16th, and report cards will be distributed on the Friday before Thanksgiving break, November 22nd.

Harvest Festival on November 22nd
Our school-wide Harvest Festival full of interactive centers for students that are entirely parent driven is scheduled for Friday, November 22nd. This event is always one of the highlights of our school year! You are not going to want to miss it!  Our Harvest Festival committee is planning an extraordinary day for our students themed around Ancient Greece. Please volunteer to bring supplies or give your time to help make this day a success!

Casino Night — Rescheduled to November 16th
Our PAC is hosting both a fall and spring silent auction this year in celebration of our 10th year of operation as a charter school! The first is a Casino Night at Tipsy Goat on November 16th at 5:30pm. The new deadline to enter the Poker Tournament is Nov 14 at 5pm.

This is guaranteed to be a fun night out for parents! Text "backto80s" to 41444 to purchase tickets and poker tournament entries. Drinks and food will be available, and some auction items that you are not going to want to miss including the highly coveted front-row parking spot AND experiences with teachers, staff, and admin that students LOVE. These items are available only by attending the Silent Auction Casino Night!

PAC is looking for New Board Members!
Would you like to be more involved in our school in planning special events and experiences for our students? Or perhaps you would like to help drive and create special programming and fundraising? We would love to have your enthusiasm and expertise on our Parent Advisory Council! We will be having open Board seats for the next academic year. Contact Meredith Johnson for more information!

Healthy Kids Survey 
In our November coffee chat, we spent time defining whole child education, discussing ways to measure whole child learning, and then reviewing results from our Healthy Kids survey in comparison to Ventura County schools. I will be recording the coffee chat, and sharing the information next week, but for your review, check out some of our survey results from 5th and 7th graders now:

2018 Survey indicating “agree” or “strongly agree” 7th Graders in Ventura County 7th Graders at Bridges 
I feel safe at this school. 62% 96%
My school is usually clean and tidy. 47% 50%
Teachers at this school communicate with parents about what students are expected to learn. 63% 88%
Parents feel welcome to participate. 58% 89%
School staff takes parent concerns seriously. 55% 86%

2018 Survey indicating “most of the time” or “all of the time” 5th Graders in Ventura County 5th Graders at Bridges 
Do you feel safe at this school? 80% 90%
Do teachers and other grown-ups at school treat students with respect? 86% 85%
Do students know what the rules are? 84% 89%
Does your school help students resolve conflicts with one another? 75% 75%
Does your school teach students to understand how other students think and feel? 66% 85%
Does your school help students feel responsible for the way they act? 81% 70%
Does your school teach students to care about and respect each other? 86% 90%

This is our regular Fall reminder that we need your help with promoting positive school attendance trends! Family vacations, Disneyland day trips, staying home with a sick sibling, not wanting to come to school, feeling tired are not reasons to miss school, and have a negative impact not only on your child’s learning, but also on our school’s funding.
Our school’s primary funding comes to us only when your children attend school.

Having more than 1-2 students out per class per day on average puts us below our budgeted threshold. When we don’t meet this threshold, programs get cut, class sizes increase, hiring is stalled. So long as your child is healthy, we count on you to get your students to school on time every day! Please work with us to make a concerted effort to improve our overall attendance for November!

Important Dates for your November Calendars:
  • November 11th:            No school, local holiday
  • November 12th:           Board of Directors Meeting, 6:15pm
  • November 12th-15th:   Middle school conferences continued, 6th-8th grades     released at 1:30pm
  • November 16th:           Casino Night for Parents, 5:30, Tipsy Goat 
  • November 22nd:         Harvest Festival 
  • November 22nd:         First Trimester Report Cards for grades K-5
  • November 25th-29th: No School, Thanksgiving Break
We hope you have a wonderful week!

Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cindy

Third Graders Exploring in their Project-Based Chumash Unit:

Making  yucca ropes with our Naturalists, John and Ellen!

Exploring the local Chumash culture
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