April 21st Update: Grading During Distance Learning


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Dear Bridges Families:

Welcome back from spring break! Usually the Monday following spring break is a time of anticipation as we round the corner to the end of the school year. This year, the energy doesn't feel quite the same. Nonetheless, we are keeping our momentum going, and we genuinely hope that you are all still staying safe, sane, and healthy. ❤

Our teachers and administration met to articulate our priorities around grading during Distance Learning, and based upon concerns for equity and the vast degree of various challenges families in our community are experiencing, we have decided to implement a PASS/FAIL system for grading for our final semester/trimester in K-5 and Middle School. 

Pass/Fail grades will be generated based upon student participation, attendance, and effort in the Distance Learning platform.

Our teachers are the strongest, most capable group of teachers. Every single one of them is committed to getting your child back on track academically when we return to school in the Fall. 

Your job, right now, as parents, is to just do the best you can. Love your child, laugh together, play together, explore together, share your strength, calm and resiliency with them. These are the most important things that you can give your child right now. 

You can trust that we will meet your child wherever they are at academically when we return together in the Fall. 

  • We will continue with the expectation that students attend and participate in assigned activities.
  • We will continue tracking attendance and participation and will continue reaching out to parents of students who are not regularly attending sessions or who are not regularly turning in work.
  • If you are finding it difficult to keep up with things, teachers will help prioritize the MOST important assignments or sessions to attend. 
  • We will keep the emphasis on social emotional connection
  • Grades for Trimester 3 and 2nd Semester report cards will be reported as pass/fail
  • K-5 Teachers will report progress at Trimester 2 and summarize progress during Trimester 3 Distance Learning primarily in the areas of math and reading.
  • The purpose of the summary for K-5 teachers will be to inform the students' new teacher of the students' strengths (social, emotional, and academic) and gaps so that we are best prepared to meet students' specific needs when we return together in the fall.  
  • Though we are implementing a pass/fail model, assignments and zoom sessions are important for students to attend in order for us to assess students' knowledge, growth, and understanding, and to continue the learning to the greatest degree possible. 
Ms. Megan, one of our 2nd grade teachers, shared this post with her class, and it's something we all genuinely believe:

Be well everyone! We miss you.

Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cindy
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