Director's Note: April 26th

Dear Families:


We are gearing up for our annual Fun Run! This year's virtual fun run is about exploring our beautiful Conejo Valley!


Coach Lindsay will be sharing 5 hikes/routes with us and we'd like to challenge you to complete as many of them as you can after school during the week of May 3rd. A Kudos board will be set up so you can share your adventures with your family and friends. You can go at your own pace, having fun, and raising money for Bridges along the way!


PAC will be sending out instructions on creating your Fun Run personal page. Set up a page for each student and share with your network. Determine what's the right goal for your family knowing your circle of friends and family that would like to sponsor your student.


We'd love to average $75 per student which would generate almost $30, we need to give our students and teachers the educational environment we know and love for the 2021-2022 school year.


We can't wait to see you outdoors, hiking, walking, or running. Make sure to take pictures and videos and share them with our community!


Ms. Cindy and Dr. Kelly hosted a well attended virtual parent chat last week. We reflected on some of the challenges our children will face as we anticipate returning to school full time in the fall. We appreciated that parents shared their concerns with us openly and also helped us brainstorm ideas for a smooth transition. Some areas of concern included getting back into the schedule of school, the length of the school day, peer interactions, generalized anxiety about COVID and feeling safe, feelings of isolation and lack of social interaction with friends.


Some key ideas that parents shared as important to our return include bringing back the specialist programs, electives, and John and Ellen, building in small breaks throughout the day, ensuring social and emotional supports, being attentive to rebuilding connections in the first few weeks of school, supporting our teachers and investing in their wellbeing, community building, grade level meetings with families, conflict resolution training for parent volunteers, and restoring the gardening program, the Naturalist program, and the big buddy program.


We thank you for all of the feedback and ideas, and we will keep these recommendations as a central part of our planning.

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