Board of Director's Elections Coming May 17th!

Candidates for 2018 Election

Michael Flaherty

My name is Michael Flaherty. I have been on the Bridges Board for the last two years. My Children are Michael, Jr. (8th Grade) and Grace (6th grade). Nine years ago my wife Deb convinced me that we should check out this new charter school, Bridges, because she thought it would be better fit for our kids. We went to the meetings and listened to the plan for this school with a “Whole Child” philosophy. After the meetings we knew Bridges would be better than what we were getting at our neighborhood school. As Michael gets ready to graduate this year I am convinced we made the right choice.

I have served on boards for many years. I was on the HOA board for one of the homes we lived in and was called on to make many decisions regarding budget and improvements. I am the President of the Newbury Park Basketball Association and was a Division Director prior to taking over as President. I have been in sales for 27 years so I’m able to work with people on a daily basis to find solutions to problems. I strive to resolve conflicts and help all parties reach a common goal. My goal as a board member would be to help Bridges continue its mission to provide “whole child” education.


Ozge Gunday Heerma

Although we are a new family at Bridges with a 1st grader and a 6th grader, our decision to join Bridges family is the result of two years of research and a very conscious one. Before we moved to California, my daughters went to a school where their curiosity and love of learning was nurtured, with a lot of emphasis on social emotional development. Over eight years, I have followed many parent education series where these concepts are emphasized. The vision and mission of Bridges corresponds to the values we strive for as a family. As a board member, I hope to bring in valuable input build upon the knowledge and experiences I mentioned above. Bridges thrives because of its strong community; and as a member of this community, I’m looking forward to do my share by building better understanding of the deeper levels of decision making, and promote and safeguard the vision and mission of Bridges. Thank you for your consideration.


Richard Urias

Dear Bridges Community:

I am running for a seat on the Board of Bridges Charter School because I believe I can support the teachers, administrators, students, and parents and contribute to the positive growth of the school. Having served as an assistant principal in the CVUSD for nine years and currently as a high school principal, I am well aware of the academic, social, and behavioral skills students need to be successful in high school and beyond. In addition, as the Director of Charter School Support and Oversight for the Ventura County Office of Education, the authorizer of Bridges Charter School, I worked closely with Bridges during the 2014 through 2017 school years, including attending board meetings and assisting with their most recent charter petition renewal. As a result of this experience, I have grown to love the school mission and focus on whole child, I have come to appreciate the caring and compassionate adults serving students, and I have come to understand the strategic leadership plan for the future of the school. Due to this knowledge and my pledge to serve my community, I am running for a set on the board if you will have me.
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