Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Bridges Families:

As we take a moment to reflect on all of our blessings this year, our Bridges students and families are at the top of our list. We are so very grateful and honored to be a part of your lives and to have the opportunity to work aside your children on a near daily basis.

We hope you are taking the day to reflect on your blessings with your family and friends today too. For those who are missing members of their family at their tables, or who are grieving the loss of a loved one, we know that this day can be especially difficult, and we are holding you high in our thoughts and prayers today.

I am grateful too, that when my son looked up at the sky this morning and said, "There's another fire!" I could say to him, "buddy, those are just rain clouds..."

Extending our heartfelt gratitude as your partners in learning, Happy Thanksgiving! 

Kelly and Cindy 
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