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Director's Note, February 19th: 2019-2020 School Calendar, Crazy Hair Day, Class Photos, and More!

Welcome back from the long weekend! With this chilly and rainy weather it seems that there are so many different illnesses going around. Please remember, though, if your child is not sick, they are expected to be at school and on time. Family vacations and day trips are unexcused absences and need to be scheduled on non-school days. Missing school can have a significant impact on a students’ academic and social development.
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Director's Note, February 4th: Coffee with the Directors, Smart Bench Sponsorship, Middle School Info Night and More!

We hope you’ve enjoyed the time in the rain with your children and have been able to see some of the magnificent rainbows in the area these past few days! Even though we do love these rainy days, our students and teachers are very much looking forward to the sun returning so that we can resume more outdoor activities including outdoor recess!

These past few weeks have held many moments to celebrate the accomplishments of Bridges students! Mr. John, our Middle School Science teacher hosted our annual Science and Engineering Fair where our 6th-8th graders successfully presented their research to judges. A good number of these students plan to attend the County Science Fair!

We also held our school wide Spelling Bee last week, wherein the classroom winners from our kindergarten through 8th grade spelling bees competed. The students put in so much effort and demonstrated confidence, poise, and teamwork. Ultimately, 8th grader Hiral Choudhary won the bee by correctly spelling the word “Pennant”. She will go on to represent Bridges Charter School on Saturday, March 2nd at the County Spelling Bee! Congratulations Hiral and to all of our students who participated. Thank you to our teachers, Ms. Rebekah and Ms. Tina along with our parent volunteers, Cassie Moungey and Leah Ingersoll for coordinating an impressive event!
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Director's Note, December 14th: Hot Lunch Program, Choral Concert, Literary Magazine, and more!

For the first part of the week, I was up in San Francisco with other Charter leaders at a conference where I spent a lot of time learning more about new legislation, funding, accountability systems, and the political climate around Charter schools. A major area of discussion at the conference was around the political climate of Charter schools. As you have chosen a Public Charter school for your children, we know that you already believe in the value of Charter schools for your children.

The value of Charter schools in our public school ecosystem is vast. Not only do Charter schools provide students and families with more choice, but we also serve as wayshowers for innovative teaching and learning methods and in doing so provide healthy competition for other public schools. Having our own Board of Directors also allows us the capacity to innovate and focus on underserved populations. Despite many political lobbying tactics and electoral strategies, it is important to remember that Charter schools do have bi-partisan support and we serve an important role in communities!
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Director's Note, November 26: Talking to your Child about Tragic Events, Next Coffee Chat, Opportunity to Learn about Hot Lunch Program, and More!

We hope that this message finds you all well and ready for a return to the routines of school. We have missed seeing your children and hearing their laughter!

Even though our school had minimal impact from the fires, while we were away, our entire school received a thorough restoration which included cleaning in both our classrooms and outdoor spaces, deodorization and the replacement of all of our air filters.

We are grateful that you all are safe. Even though we were not in school for several weeks, our community came together in big ways to give back to those impacted by the shooting and the fires. Thank you for your generous spirits and for coming together in the true and caring spirit of Bridges!

As we have missed five instructional days due to the fires, our teachers will be covering a lot of ground in their classes before winter break. Especially after an extended break, attendance is very important for your children’s continued academic success, so let’s push through together in these last weeks of 2018! So long as your child is not sick, please make sure they are attending school on time!
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Kelly and Ms. Cindy wish all of our Bridges Families and staff a Happy Thanksgiving! We are so grateful for each and every one of you.
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Tuesday Night Discussion: Learn how to talk to your kids about Trauma and Grief

Learn ways to talk to children about difficult topics in a way that helps to restore a sense of safety and healing.
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Parents will learn age appropriate ways to help children cope with tragic events in the news and in their community including violence, natural disaster and death.

Parents will learn strategies to help children restore their sense of safety after experiencing evacuation or other difficult transitions.
Parents will learn ways to process their own feelings during difficult times so they can support their children.

Tuesday, November 27th 2018
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School Cancelled through Friday, November 16th

The Bridges Board of Directors and the administration have decided to cancel school through Friday, November 16th as a result of cleaning, restoration, and assessment that needs to be done at our school site as a result of the fires. As the week of November 19th-23rd is Fall Break, we look forward to our students' return on Monday, November 26th.
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