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Last Night's Tragedy

We are shocked and saddened to wake up to the horrific news this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those involved including the families, friends, and local law enforcement.
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Director's Note, November 5: Drills and Student Safety, TK Program, Coffee Chat Tomorrow, Student Attendance, and More!

November is upon us, and finally it looks like we have some fall weather in our forecast! The Silent Auction was such a fun evening. Thank you to everyone who donated, decorated, planned, and attended the event, but an especially big thanks to the PAC reps for giving so much of themselves to make this event a huge success!

The top selling item, our coveted Volunteer Parking Spot sold for over $2000. This spot belongs to the auction winners through next year’s Silent Auction. PLEASE, parents, do not park in this spot!
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Director's Note, October 24th: Halloween, Attendance, Think Break Thursdays, Book Fair, and More!

Do you feel the momentum of this busy season building? I’m sorry for the delay in getting the Director’s note out this week -- there is so much going on at our little school, and I’m sure so much going on in your lives outside of school! Here’s the lowdown from Bridges with some updates and important reminders to help keep you on track for the upcoming weeks.
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Director's Note, September 25th: Coffee Chat, New Strings Ensemble, Makerspace, Mindfulness, and so much more!

Happy fall! 🍂🍂🍂

It's hard to believe that we are already a month into the school year! As your children were hopefully enjoying the day off yesterday, our 2nd-8th grade teachers were involved in a day long training with Promethean Board, the manufacturer of our smart boards. They were learning more tips and instructional strategies for integrating smart board technology into their classrooms. Among a variety of other topics, Bridges teachers spent the day learning tools for engaging students with the smart boards and their chrome books, they learned about new smart board apps, and they learned new classroom management tools.

Our 2nd-8th grade classrooms are all equipped with Smart Board technology, and are stocked with Google Chrome Books for each student in the class. As Bridges teachers consider improving their instruction using technology, we are always conscious that healthy digital citizenship is grounded in relationships and relating with each other interpersonally.
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Director's Note for September 11th: Protocol for Parent Concerns, Teacher Committees, Back to School Night, and More!

Your children are easing into the start of the school year with enthusiasm and engagement, and we are always so excited to hear reassurement from you that your children are enjoying their teachers and friends, and that they are engaging with classroom learning in meaningful ways.

Of course we understand that there may be times when problems arise, when your child comes home unhappy, or when things just didn't go exactly right despite our best intentions. We hope that most of these opportunities are time of learning too and time to support your child in developing their resiliency; however, if there seems to be an ongoing problem, or some feel you need to step in, please know that we do have a protocol for this process. Read on to find out more about our protocols for addressing classroom concerns!
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Director's Note for August 27th: Introduction to Toolbox, Science and Engineering Update, Volunteer Orientations, and more!

Welcome Back! We are off to a great start for the 2018-2019 school year! We hope your children are already starting to bring home stories about their friends, their teachers, and all the fun learning that they are already engaging in.

The first few weeks of school are all about community building and establishing norms and expectations. Our teachers all recognize that if students are not feeling safe in their classrooms with their teachers and each other, then their learning will suffer. This is one of the main reasons why we recognize Social Emotional Learning and Whole Child as a cornerstone to everything that we do at Bridges!

There is so much to be excited about this year, read on to learn more about what’s happening in our child’s classroom!
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Final Director's Note of 2017/2018, June 4th: Wrapping up the year, Looking to Next Year, Parent Appreciation, and more!

Wow! We have almost made it through the school year. As we reach the end of the year, we want to thank you for entrusting us with your children's learning and well being through the year. I speak for all of the teachers and staff when I say that we have been humbled by the opportunity to be with your children every day that they are here; they are each so beautifully unique. They allow us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to be in a profession that brings us joy, and to make differences every day. As we move into this last week, I want to acknowledge each of you for being such an instrumental part of this wonderful community that we call Bridges.

The end of a school year naturally brings us to a point where we have to say goodbye. A few of our teachers will be leaving town, our incredible 8th graders will be heading off to high school, and some of our families will be moving in different directions too. We will miss you all, and it has been an honor experiencing this slice of time with you.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart too, for being so supportive through my first year as Director. I am looking forward to returning in August on an even stronger foundation, and leading us even more closely toward the mission and vision of our school.
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