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Q Link to Payment

Unpaid and Delinquent Meal Charges:

Students and their parents/guardians shall be notified whenever their account has a low or negative balance. Whenever a student's account has an unpaid balance of $10.50 (3 meals) or more, parents/guardians shall be notified in writing or via email that payment in full is due within seven school days from the date of the notice. A student holding a negative balance may charge a maximum of three additional meals adding to the negative balance. If the negative balance is not paid, after parent notification and a
maximum of three additional meal charges, a student will not be permitted to charge meals or be provided with an alternative meal.
In cases of repeated nonpayment by a student, the Director or designee may contact parents/guardians to discuss the reasons for the nonpayment. The Director or designee may evaluate individual circumstances to determine if the student's parents/guardians need assistance completing an application for free or reduced-price meals or need a referral to social services. The Director or designee may enter into a repayment plan with a student's parents/guardians for payment of the student's unpaid meal charge balance over a period of time. As necessary, the repayment plan may allow the unrecovered or delinquent debt to carry over into the next fiscal year. The school's efforts to collect debt shall be consistent with school's policies and procedures, California Department of Education (CDE) guidance, and 2 CFR 200.426. The school shall not spend more than the actual debt owed in efforts to recover unpaid meal charges. The Superintendent or designee shall maintain records of the efforts made to collect unpaid meal charges and, if applicable, financial documentation showing when the unpaid meal balance has become an operating loss.