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Performing Arts Leads:
Rachael Pugh
Emily Maisano Freedman
Auditions Sept 1-2, Telethon livestream Oct 22
Last year's Talent Show/Telethon was such a wild success that we couldn't wait to do it again!  It was an amazing production because of ALL the incredible talents and passions of YOU, our beautiful Bridges Community!  This year's event will also be a live streamed event...but we hope to be adding a viewing party for those families who wish to share the experience in person.  This event is OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS AND FAMILY MEMBERS!! 
Maybe your child likes to sing, or dance, or act, or share visual arts, magic tricks, science knowledge, whatever they want to share, we want to see! Please prepare a one to two minute audition piece.  They do not need to share the entire song they want to sing, or choreograph and entire dance, a one minute cut will be perfect for the auditions.  Please remember this is an all school event, we will have every age represented from kinder to 8th graders and we can't wait to celebrate them all!  Their actual performance will be pre-recorded by you or a friend, and submitted to a shared platform where we can compile them into one fluid show :-) 

Auditions will be IN PERSON in the MPR after school.  In an attempt to keep everyone safe, please remain masked and wait outside until you are invited in, several people at a time with room to socially distance.  Children will be able to remove their masks to sing once they are ready to go, we will keep ours on.  We will not have an accompanist for these auditions, so if they'd like to sing with music, make sure they or you bring a track for them to sing or dance or perform to.  Preferably karaoke versions if they are singing.  Let us know if you need help with that! 

For any Kinder families who do not want to leave and come back for auditions, please feel free to email an audition submission to

1. Sign up for a time slot ON PARENT SQUARE. Please add the name of your child and what they will be doing.  
2. Please don't leave campus, even if your slot is "later" we will no doubt move thru quicker at times and maybe a little slower at others than the sign ups allot for, we'd love to keep things moving so each child has time and doesn't feel stressed.  Stay close enough to hear us call your name.
3. Be prepared, but don't worry.  A forgotten lyric or step or punchline is ok!  It happens to everyone! Make sure your child knows that we know what it's like to stand up there and we don't expect perfection, let them enjoy it!
4. Before performing their audition, each student should introduce themselves, tell us what they will be doing, then take a breath, release the nerves and have fun!
5. When they have finished they should wait to be excused.  We might have a question, we will definitely want to applaud! We are so glad you've decided to participate!
The Performing Arts PMC’s main goal is to provide year long access to the, you guessed it, performing arts! Traditionally, this is done thru annual productions that include the Talent Show (this year presented as a virtual telethon), Choral Concerts, and a Spring Musical. Theater is such a wonderful world to discover oneself and to develop skills that can be applied in every day life, not just for kids but for adults, too! In addition to providing opportunities to perform, we seek to provide behind the scenes technical knowledge and hands on learning experiences where age appropriate. As our world grows and changes, so too must our offerings to students. It is our goal to help keep Bridges' theater and after-school music programs competitive and complete while still letting kids be kids. Using theater to build their confidence, hone their skills, and develop who they are going to be is an invaluable tool for our kids and we strive to always make it available to them.
Upcoming Dates:
09/13 - PAC Meeting
09/15 - Spirit Wear Sales Ends
09/15 - Spray Day Fun
09/21 - 5 pm All School Picnic
09/29 - Talent Show Cast Rehearsal
09/29 & 30 -  School Pictures
09/29 - Mendocino Farms Fundraiser
10/01 - Spirit Day - Wear Pink
10/04 - PAC Meeting
10/09 - Coffee Break at Five07
10/13 - Sharkey's Pizza Fundraiser
10/25-29 - Book Fair
11/01 PAC Meeting