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Our Philosophy

 About Our Philosophy and Approach
We are a progressive, project based tuition free K-8 charter school in the Conejo Valley emphasizing the development of the whole child.  kindergarteners looking at a rainbow
What you can expect to see in our classrooms: 
  • We thoughtfully integrate social emotional learning into our school community through a school-wide social emotional curriculum, through daily council, and through conflict resolution.
  • Our teachers have been trained in community circle and council by the Ojai Foundation.
  • Our behavior management focuses on pro-active strategies that enhance intrinsic motivation to learn and succeed.
  • In the classroom, we incorporate creative, effective teaching methods which include project-based assignments, hands-on activities, differentiation, and flexibility while meeting (and often exceeding) the Common Core State Standards, NEXT Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and Appendices.
  • Our K-8 school is an intentionally small, safe, and positive learning community where teachers and parents value whole child education.
  • Parent volunteers are utilized in our classrooms, and we seek to offer many ways to integrate families meaningfully into our school.
  • We focus on sustainability and health. We provide learning opportunities that promote responsibility to our community and ourselves: through healthy eating habits, environmental education and stewardship that will prepare students for success in the green economy of the future.