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The Bridges Homeschool Program is an integral part of the Bridges Charter School.

Along with being academically competitive with other Ventura County schools, Bridges Homeschool understands the importance of addressing all aspects of the child, including their social, emotional and intellectual growth.

Our Homeschool program is one of the few programs in the county that is a hybrid program. Our home school students are on site two days a week and have many opportunities to integrate with students and our community in our site-based program.


Parents choose Bridges Homeschool for a variety reasons:

  • Families partner with highly credentialed Supervising Teachers to help guide them through every step of the Homeschool program throughout the academic year. All Bridges Homeschool Supervising Teachers are veteran teachers, committed to our philosophy, and hold California Teaching Credentials.


  • Supervising Teachers work in collaboration with each family to create a personalized custom curriculum that meets both the needs of the student and CA State Standards.


  • Bridges Homeschool offers the most extensive curriculum options to choose from that meet the CA State Standards.


  • Bridges Homeschool students integrate with the Bridges Charter School students for their lunch and recess. Homeschool students can also participate in school functions such as field trips, our Harvest Festival, school assemblies, and other community events.


  • Bridges Homeschool offers a hybrid program that allows children to attend Enrichment classes two days a week on the Bridges Charter School Campus. Enrichment classes are determined based on student interest and run concurrently. Enrichment Classes might include Robotics, Gardening, STEAM Science Programs, Writing, Animation, Spanish, Art, PE, Drama, Music, Habitats in Ventura County, Yoga, Library, Makers Lab, etc.


  • Student and parental involvement and input is encouraged and necessary in all aspects of the Homeschool program. Parents have opportunities to work together and collaborate.


  • Students work one on one with their parent(s) and are able to work and progress at their own pace.


  • Bridges Homeschool meets the educational needs of those families who seek an established alternative instructional strategy.


Please note that space is limited in our Homeschool program.

If you are interested in our home school program, please contact our office at:

Phone:  805-492-3569 (Please note that our office is closed during the month of July -- if you are inquiring about our home school during July, please reach out to Kelly or Jill by email, or call our office in August when we return!)

E-mail: [email protected] (Jill Frazier, home school lead teacher) [email protected]  (Director)